SOMCA stands for “Self-Optimization of service-oriented architectures for Mobile and Cloud Applications”. It is an associate team between the Spirals Inria project-team (Lille, France) and the UQAM LATECE team (Montréal, Canada). The objective of this collaboration is to propose a novel methodology to support the runtime detection and correction of Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) anti-patterns in Mobile and Cloud Applications.

    Recent Posts

  1. AccessiLeaks: Investigating Privacy Leaks Exposed by the Android Accessibility Service

    New paper accepted at the Privacy Enhancing Technologies Symposium (PETS)!

  2. On Adopting Linters to Deal with Performance Concerns in Android Apps

    New paper accepted at the Automated Software Engineering (ASE) conference!

  3. A Lexical and Semantical Analysis on REST Cloud Computing APIs

    Article invited in the special issue of Communications in Computer and Information Science!

  4. App Store 2.0: From Crowd Information to Actionable Feedback in Mobile Ecosystems

    New article accepted in IEEE Software!